UCC has many locations offering the following employment opportunities:

UCC’s highly technical approach offers unique opportunities for career minded professionals.  We have many project locations offering employment opportunities.

Current Employment Opportunities:

Entry Level Divers

Tending and Diving, both Nuclear and Non-Nuclear.

Level I, and/or Level II VT/UT Divers

Tending and Diving, both Nuclear and Non-Nuclear.  Applicants must have completed an accredited program for VT/UT Inspectors.

Underwater Welders

Tending and Diving, both Nuclear and Non-Nuclear.  One year welding experience, topside or underwater, with formalized welding training, or three years experience welding either topside or underwater.

Basic Application Requirements:

  • Must have successfully completed an accredited commercial diving program.

  • Security background investigation will be conducted for Nuclear Power Plant access and as required for non-nuclear facilities.

  • Must pass a company physical in accordance with OSHA Sub-Part “T” and the ADCI diving medical requirements, along with drug testing.

  • Must have a valid driver’s license and legally authorized to work in the United States.

Employee Benefits Include:

  • A comprehensive and competitive dental and health plan to all its eligible employees and their family members.

  • A 401 (k) plan with annual discretionary matching to all eligible employees.

  • Certain paid holidays to all eligible employees.

UCC Human Resources

UCC is An Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer

Developed & used hand-held underwater plasma arc cutting

– First in the industry