UCC Core Values


At UCC, safety is more than a priority. It is integral to and incorporated naturally into every task. It has become a value that guides the way we think and work.  We closely observe the regulations governing the industry, and take the necessary steps to ensure safety on every project. UCC meets or exceeds the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations (Standards – 29 CFR) Part 1910 Subpart T – Commercial Diving Operations and the Association of Diving Contractors International (ADCI) “Consensus Standards for Commercial Diving Operations.”  All UCC divers are trained and certified as commercial divers and maintain current first aid and CPR certifications.

In addition, UCC has developed a detailed safe practices manual and conducts extensive training for project managers, foremen and supervisors to ensure that work is performed safely.  Beyond that, specialized training is provided in techniques such a deep diving, underwater welding and contaminated water diving procedures.

Quality Assurance

Quality is essential to the success of every project, but at UCC, we believe that quality takes more than just implementing a program.  To make a difference, good quality practices must be embraced by senior management and embedded in the organization’s culture.

UCC maintains a quality assurance program that meets the requirements of 10 CFR 50 Appendix B, N-QA1, ANSI N45.2.  UCC is a participating member of the Nuclear Industry Assessment Committee (NIAC) audit program, which is similar to the joint audit program operated by utilities through the Nuclear Procurement Issues Committee (NUPIC).  We are also audited periodically by NUPIC.

Although our QA program is specific to the nuclear industry, we use its principles to guide our approach to all work. UCC is also currently pursuing ISO 9001 certification. You will find that our attitudes about quality are unique in the commercial diving industry.

Performance and Customer Service

UCC believes that performance and customer service are closely aligned.  Safety and quality assurance lead to good performance, but it doesn’t stop there. UCC is dedicated to assisting our customers in meeting their performance goals.  We understand that in the end, our mutual success comes down to your bottom line.  Our performance must help you to meet your financial as well as production, quality and safety goals.  Our commitment to you is twofold – exceed expectations with no surprises.

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Marine Infrastructure Upgrades – Mid-Atlantic Region, USA

Carbon Fiber Wrapping
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Fossil Plant Decommissioning


Power Plant Intake Underwater Structure Repair

Marine Services

Mooring Cell Repairs

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Traveling Water Screens Replacement

Marine Services
More than 50 years

UCC Expands Into International Underwater Welding Projects

– 1991 – Approved to weld in Japan

UCC Is A World Leader In:

  • Leak Detection
  • Reactor Vessel Weld Repairs
  • Renovation
  • New Construction
  • Underwater Plasma Cutting

Elite Training Program

The breadth of the UCC training program for all divers includes, safety-related reactor modifications, regular updates of equipment changes, operational procedures, and advanced first-aid training.

Qualifications are set to ASME standards for all position group welds in stainless steel pipe and plate in depths succeeding 45 feet. As an annexation of our training it is not uncommon for UCC to set up project-specific underwater mockups at remote locations. This elevates our expertise to peddle unusual installation procedures, gives us a head start on problem solving, and avoids expensive downtime for our clients.

Experience Counts

In emergent situations, time for exacting preparation is not always available and experience alone becomes the tool of choice. When the Chicago Underground was flooded, it was Underwater Construction Corporation that was brought in to repair the massive leak. It was no time for practice. Our skill, innovation, and adaptability assures our clients that we can get in and get the job done correctly.

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From rapid response, emergent work, to large-scale, multi-year service contracts.

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