As the leader in raw water intake crib and structure repair throughout the Great Lakes and Midwest Region UCC continues to deliver turnkey services. Inspection crews, marine construction and welding dive teams perform vital services for an aging infrastructure underneath our surface waters.

Site services begin with an initial condition assessment. This initial inspection is critical for repair/replacement methods and engineering design. From this inspection a comprehensive report is developed outlining the findings of the existing system. Many areas of concern include debris accumulation, structure integrity, mussel abatement prevention including chemical feed lines and overall component condition. Remote Operated Vehicle’s (ROV) technology is utilized to perform long internal pipeline inspections. Bathymetric surveys and digital imagery of the area and structure are additional site services performed.

Intake cleaning and debris removal is performed often as preventive maintenance. Component replacement including certified underwater welding is performed to bring the structure back to its designed operations. UCC works with the owner/operator engineer or subcontracts engineering firms to assist with repair designs. Once repairs are approved UCC’s team of marine construction and commercial diving crews perform many types of structure refurbishment and or repair including structural metal, wood and pipeline supports. Mixed gas diving is utilized when required to provide longer bottom times at deeper depths. The result is increased project productivity with a direct cost savings to the owners/operators.

Whether large or small in size every raw water intake is a critical aspect to many industries including the power generation, water utilities, paper and pulp, chemical process or refineries. Even though it is out of sight, don’t let it be out of mind. Contact UCC for a simple inspection and we’ll take care of it from there.