For Immediate Release

August 15, 2012
by Phil Mcdermott

UCC’s Director of Global Nuclear Services, Philip McDermott announces that Underwater Construction Corporation (UCC) and TFT Nuclear have recently completed another innovative nuclear industry project using their Advanced Underwater Coatings System. Yielding exceptional results, this project was the third phase in support of a nuclear plants “Life Extension Program”.

The concrete, epoxy lined spent fuel basin and handling ponds were relined underwater by nuclear divers as dewatering was not a viable option.

The fuel basin contained fuel, radioactive components and radioactive debris accumulated over the course of many years of plant operation. The concrete fuel basins epoxy coating system had deteriorated to a condition which warranted relining. Coating deficiencies found with the original epoxy coating included blistering, delamination, cracking and mechanical damage.

The third phase of the project consisted of approximately 300 square meters of inspection, preparation and coatings application. The strategic use of nuclear divers proved to be a safe, efficient, and cost effective for the nuclear utility.

UCC’s Advanced Underwater Coatings System utilizes TFT Nuclear’s BIO-DUR 560 Underwater Coatings Product which has undergone extensive testing and has been in use in nuclear facilities worldwide for more than 15 years. This coatings system has continually proven to be the ideal underwater epoxy coating method for large areas, including concrete spent fuel basins. The ease of underwater application, absence of sagging, fast cure time, significant adhesion strength and extensive nuclear testing confirms that TFT Nuclear’s BIO DUR 560 is a superb choice whether applied underwater as a repair, recoat or as a contamination control technique for later decommissioning activities.