In 2013 Underwater Construction Corporation (UCC) was awarded a Midwestern based infrastructure contract to repair a USACE owned bypass floodgate on the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway (GIWW). The 150 foot wide navigable bypass floodgate is a concrete barge swing gate. The UCC dive team repaired a total of 5 deteriorated concrete landing beams as well as full replacement of custom fabricated, embedded stainless steel armoring protection plate. Concrete was removed as needed to fit the armor plate into the repair area while drilling and anchoring was required to securely attach the armor plate.

Other repairs to the landing beams had to have concrete chipped out and saw cuts to sound concrete. Forms for the concrete repair were built and concrete was pumped to the required specifications. Additionally UCC welded two prefabricated cheek plates to an existing padeye in accordance with ASME Section IX underwater welding procedures. Quality Control was on site for the weld inspections. All diving was performed in accordance to the USACE manual section 30 covering diving operations.