Commercial Diving Services

Dive Inspection

Projecting long term preventative maintenance starts with our detailed inspection program.

The UCC approach to inspection combines in-depth knowledge of industry requirements, specialized training, and advanced diving techniques to assure the quality of each inspection.

  • Multiple Point TWS Condition Assessment

  • Pipeline Penetration & Condition Assessment

  • Concrete & Steel Infrastructure

  • Ferc Part 12 Inspections

  • Working & Inspections Class ROV’s

  • Bathymetric Services

  • Dual & Single Axis Sonar Digital Imagery

  • Bridge Inspections

  • Destructive & Nondestructive Testing

  • Data Analysis & Technical Reporting

Preventative Maintenance

UCC’s preventative maintenance services are designed to reduce your costs, minimize down-time, and avoid costly emergencies. Our team works closely with each customer to ensure their custom program is consistent with the facility’s unique technical specifications and operating requirements.

  • Underwater Welding to ASME & AWS Requirements

  • Traveling Water Screen Repair & Rebuild

  • Diver Assisted Dredging & Debris Removal

  • Pipeline & Tunnel Maintenance

  • Concrete Repair & Refurbishment

  • Log Boom & Security Barrier Repair & Installation

Marine Construction Support

UCC offers “Turnkey Services” for large Marine Construction and Rehabilitation Projects. UCC is also proud to offer diving support to marine construction companies and engineering firms as a compliment to any team.

  • Trash Rack Repair & Replacement

  • Barrier Net Installation

  • Concrete Installation & Placement

  • Pipe & Tunnel Installation

  • Pile Wrap, Jacketing, Repair & Removal

  • Erosion Control Installation

  • Fender Repair & Installation

  • Underwater Structure Assembly

  • Gate & Pump Services

Comprehensive Safety Programs

Over the past four decades, we’ve been tasked with solving complex technical issues.

We routinely work with our customers to develop safe, and innovative solutions tailored to their unique specifications. As a member of the project team, we assist organizations with developing comprehensive project specs, material selection, procedure development, and scheduling.

  • UCC Safety Committee – Weekly Meetings

  • USCG Vessel Captain Committee

  • Numerous Industry Safety Awards

  • OSHA Training – Certified Divers

  • Annual Training Enrichment

  • Extensive In-house Training Programs

  • Procedural Development & Qualification

Expert Capabilities

UCC is capable of providing services to customers with marine assets located on reservoirs, lakes, river, harbors, and intercoastal areas.

UCC also has the capability to mobilize quickly, thereby offering rapid response for emergent work and enabling UCC to support large scale multi-year service contracts.


  • Mixed Gas Diving & Deep Diving Team Specialist

  • Custom, Owned & Operated Equipment

  • Turnkey Services

  • In-house QA/QC Programs

  • ASME & AWS Certified Welding Program

  • Full Hyperbaric Service

  • Mockup & Testing

  • Bridge Inspection

Experienced Personnel

UCC personnel are dedicated to assisting our customers in meeting their long-term performance goals.

Our expert team of professionals incorporate the necessary skill sets required to meet every project’s requirements and meet or exceed expectations of production, quality and safety.

  • 200+ Member Dive Team

  • DOT Qualified Liquid Pipeline Personnel

  • USCG Licensed Captains

  • Engineering Support Services

  • Expert Project Managers

  • Technical Support Services

  • Certified Welding & Coating Specialists

  • Complete Estimating Services

Turn-key Dive Services

From rapid response, emergent work, to large-scale and multi-year service contracts.

Leverage The UCC Advantage

From rapid response, emergent work, to large-scale, multi-year service contracts.

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