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Dam Log Boom and Fish Barrier Net Replacement

In the summer of 2011 the UCC Midwest Division completed a turnkey project for a hydroelectric facility in Wisconsin. The project work scope included the removal and replacement of the facility’s existing log boom and fish barrier net and installing a new 280 foot system designed to incorporate the barrier [...]

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Fish Barrier Net Project

Underwater Construction Corporation (UCC) completed the installation of a fish barrier net for a large hydroelectric facility located in Missouri. This net was located upstream from the dam and enclosed the powerhouse to restrict the aquatic life from entering the generating turbines of the facility. The scale of the project required [...]

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Large Area Nuclear Plant Underwater Coatings Application Demo – PATEX 2011

The Practical Application of Technology Exhibition or PATEX was held in April 2011 at Nuclear Engineering Services, Limited’s NW UK facility at Beckermet Technology Park, Nr Sellafield, Cumbria, UK. Underwater Construction Corporation (UCC) was in attendance as a showcase exhibitor and onsite demonstrator. UCC and Thin Film Technology, Inc. conducted live in-water diving operations in the [...]

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Waste Management (WM) Conference 2011

Please visit Underwater Construction Corporation once again at WM2011 booth 518 in the Phoenix Convention Center's West Building. Being the global leader in radiological diving for more than 40 years, UCC has proudly attended the WM Symposium for the past ten years.Philip McDermott, UCC’s Director of Global Nuclear Services will be [...]

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