Over 50 Years As The Worldwide Leader In Commercial Diving

Company Timeline

UCC Founded

Underwater Construction Corporation (UCC) is founded by John Chiangi, Sr. and Stuart Leech.


Testing at Yankee Rowe Nuclear Plant

First Successful Radiological Dives

UCC divers complete radiological dives at the Yankee Rowe Nuclear Plant.


UCC Acquired by the Brand Companies

UCC is acquired by a publicly owned asbestos abatement company named The Brand Companies. The original founders leave.  Chiangi’s son, John, Jr., takes over as president of the company.


UCC Completes its First International Contract

UCC completes its first international project at a nuclear plant in Taiwan. As a result, UCC goes on to successfully complete several nuclear plant projects throughout Taiwan into the early 2000s.


UCC and its Parent Company Acquire Lakeshore Marine Establishing the Midwest Division, & Take on Two Massive Projects on Each Coast

UCC and its parent company acquire Lakeshore Marine located in Michigan. This allowed UCC to expand its operations to the Great Lakes region and service a host of new and existing clients, particularly one noteworthy customer located on Lake Michigan, which happens to be UCC’s longest running contract to date. UCC also takes on two massive projects in this year. The first is a re-rack project at a nuclear plant in California. The second is a marine construction project for Metro-North Commuter Railroad that involved the extensive rehabilitation of four railroad bridges in Connecticut. Both projects are a great success and help UCC gain substantial recognition in the nuclear and marine diving industry.

UCC 1998

UCC Develops Nuclear Underwater Coatings Program

UCC develops state-of-the-art methods and products that can withstand high levels of radiation and be applied underwater in nuclear plants. UCC completes its first project of this type.

reactor vessel

UCC Experiences Two Advancements in its Welding & Reactor Services Program

UCC completes its first safety-related welds at a Nuclear Plant in North Carolina and its first dryer cut-up at a nuclear site in Japan.

UCC barge on water

Three Long-time Employees Acquire UCC; Open Third Office in Tennessee

Formerly a public company, UCC is acquired by three standout employees who have worked many years as divers and in management roles. The new leadership team is comprised of John Lawton as President and CEO, and Michael Pellini and William Feeley as two vice presidents.

UCC also opens a new office in Soddy Daisy, Tennessee, to service the vast network of power producing facilities along the Tennessee Valley River System. This expansion into the south eventually accounts for 25% of the Company’s annual revenues.


UCC Experiences Record Growth; Wins More Opportunities in Japan

UCC performs dives at one of the largest nuclear facilities in the world. More than 30 divers work at the site in Japan for several months and the outcome of the project proves to be a tremendous success.


UCC Signs Joint Venture with Chinese Company QPOC

UCC signs joint venture with Chinese company QPOC providing training and development services. The relationship continues to this day.