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Hydroelectric Dam Intake Debris Removal

UCC’s underwater inspection teams complete many FERC Part 12 inspections for the Hydroelectric industry throughout the U.S., working directly for the utility owner/operator or the independent consultant.  Many times these inspections identify repairs or maintenance that UCC performs at a later date. Following a summer 2020 inspection at a dam’s [...]

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Midwest Nuclear Station Water Intake Structure Repair

In the spring of 2013 Underwater Construction Corporation (UCC) worked with a Midwest nuclear station to develop a repair plan for the sites raw water intake structure. In July 2013 the formal award was given whereby the mobilization of UCC’s crew and work vessel the “Salvor” began. The intake crib [...]

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Standby Service Water Basins – Roof Slab Cracking

Underwater Coating Application to Seal Cracks (Nuclear Power Project – applicable to any industry with concrete infrastructure) The concrete roof slabs of SSW Basins A and B demonstrated full thickness cracking of the concrete slab covering a large portion of each basin.  The roof slab extends below the water line [...]

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Decommissioning of Nuclear Storage Basin

Nuclear Storage Basin – Radioactive Sludge and Debris Removal Underwater removal & packaging of highly radioactive material (DOE Decommissioning Project – applicable to both government and commercial nuclear facilities) Over 300 dives were performed with no skin contaminations.  Radiological conditions were extreme with contact dose rates in the sludge ranging from [...]

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Safety Related BWR Steam Dryer/Separator Inspection & Repair

Reactor Internal– Various failures and Modifications Underwater Welding and Cutting on Safety related Stainless Steel Components (Nuclear Power Project) UCC completed their first Steam Dryer repair in 1983.  Since then UCC has made various repairs or modifications to BWR Steam Dryer.  To date, UCC has performed more than 30 different projects [...]

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Safety Related Coating / Substrate Inspection & Repair

Standby Service Water Basins – Protective Coating failure Underwater Coating Application to evaluate corrosion and repair coating defects on carbon Steel (Nuclear Power Project – applicable to any industry with coated carbon steel in immersion service) Underwater coating repair in commercial nuclear plants is an accepted maintenance approach.   Some of the [...]

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