Dam Stilling Basin Repair

In November 2020, Underwater Construction Corporation (UCC) was contracted by a hydroelectric utility to conduct repairs to a dam’s stilling basin.  Previous inspections had identified areas of spalling and exposed concrete reinforcement.  Additionally, a section of baffle blocks had become dislodged and swept downstream during a high-water event.   To [...]

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Pumped Storage Leak Inspection & Repair

Clay Lined Water Reservoir Grout Injection to Seal Large Fissures (Water Power Project – applicable to any industry with water retaining structure) The clay liner of an 842 acre reservoir supporting a 1872 megawatt pump storage facility developed large trench-like features.  Reservoir depth ranged from 40 feet to 110 feet.  Before [...]

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Hydroelectric Concrete Restoration

Concrete gravity Dam Underwater Concrete Placement (Water Power Project – applicable to any industry with concrete water retaining structure) A concrete gravity dam with an earth core and rock/soil foundation was completed in 1944.  The dam is 8,422 feet long, 206 feet high with a 130 foot head.  Maximum storage is [...]

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Dam Log Boom and Fish Barrier Net Replacement

In the summer of 2011 the UCC Midwest Division completed a turnkey project for a hydroelectric facility in Wisconsin. The project work scope included the removal and replacement of the facility’s existing log boom and fish barrier net and installing a new 280 foot system designed to incorporate the barrier [...]

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