Elite Commercial Diving Company in South Carolina

UCC - Spartanburg, SC Regional Office

UCC is a leading global service provider specializing in underwater services to a diverse customer base. Our more than 50 year history makes us one of the most experienced commercial diving contractors in the world.

Servicing the entire Southeast Region

UCC has the expertise, resources, and flexibility to perform large turnkey projects or support small local tasks on a call-out basis. Our goal is to bring the highest degree of professionalism to every job. UCC’s customers include nuclear, fossil, and hydroelectric power generation; commercial marine shipping; highway and transportation; oil, gas, and power transmission; water utilities; pulp and paper; municipal, state, and federal government; OEMs; and industrial and manufacturing facilities.

UCC SE Regional office provides standard and specialty services under the general categories of Inspection, Maintenance, Construction, and Technical Support. Please contact us today to see how your organization can benefit from working with the industry leader and take full advantage of award-winning services.

Commercial Dive Services In The Southern Region

  • Power Utility Intake Systems maintenance, construction, and restoration
  • Deep air / nitrox / HeO2 gas diving
  • Radiological diving
  • Marine Construction
  • Underwater Welding to ASME & AWS Requirements
  • Pipeline inspection & maintenance to include ROV services
  • Underwater Bridge Inspection
  • Impingement & Entrainment Services in compliance with 316B
  • FERC Inspections

Specialty Diving Services And Equipment

  • The Southern region has multiple Project Managers and Foreman each specializing in different disciplines such as
    • Underwater welding including low visibility environments
    • Nuclear diving both contaminated and intake/discharge areas
    • Underwater coatings
    • Heavy marine construction
    • Deep water air / mixed gas diving (SurDO2)
    • Hydro and Dam FERC inspections
  • The Southern region also has specialized equipment such as
    • Nitrox compressors
    • Multiple Chamber packages
    • Marine construction barges
    • Many dive boats and mobile construction dive stations

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