Global Capabilities

UCC has worldwide operations and focuses on providing services to customers with assets located on reservoirs, lakes, rivers, harbors, and in coastal areas.

Leverage The UCC Advantage

From rapid response, emergent work, to large-scale, multi-year service contracts.

Underwater Services

Underwater Construction Corporation is driven to provide the best possible commercial diving services, including, inspection, maintenance and repair, construction and rehabilitation, and technical support services.

Our services minimize downtime, maximize budgets, and are completed efficiently with lasting results. Our clients represent a broad array of industries, including: water utilities, power and gas transmission, engineering, mining, pipeline, and homeland security.

UCC Diver

Highly Trained & Capable Dive Teams

We are confident in delivering a very high standard for our services, performed by our highly trained and capable diving teams. Our team has a strong understanding of the equipment, techniques, and systems required to deliver our services successfully.

Working from six geographic locations – Connecticut, Michigan, Texas, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and England – allows us to quickly mobilize and respond to all types of projects throughout the United States.

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Commitment To Quality & Customer Service

Our commitment to customer service, quality, and safety, has earned us a good name and has set us apart from other commercial diving companies in the country. Our forethought, planning, and attention to detail have also made Underwater Construction Corporation a leader in the diving industry.

Nothing is impossible with Underwater Construction Corporation. Supported by our expertise and years of experience, there is no project we will turn away from.

A Dedicated Focus On Safety

For us, safety is paramount. We meet and exceed the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Association of Diving Contractors International (ADCI). In addition, all our divers are certified as commercial divers and maintain current first aid and CPR certifications.

With our highly trained staff, high-quality equipment, and focus on safety, we can deliver successful outcomes on both small and large-scale projects. Call Underwater Construction Corporation today for your next underwater project.

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Fossil Plant Decommissioning


Power Plant Intake Underwater Structure Repair

Marine Services

Mooring Cell Repairs

Marine Services

Traveling Water Screens Replacement

Marine Services

Commercial Dive Services

As a member of the project team, we assist organizations with developing comprehensive project specs, material selection, procedure development, & scheduling.

Advanced Underwater Coatings

UCC’s Advanced Underwater Nuclear Coatings System uses TFT Nuclear’s BIO-DUR 560 which has undergone extensive testing and has been in use in nuclear facilities worldwide. Our nuclear coatings system has continually proven to be the ideal underwater coating system for large areas such as concrete spent fuel basins. The ease of underwater application, fast cure time, significant adhesion strength, and extensive nuclear testing confirms that TFT Nuclear’s BIO DUR 560 is a superb choice, whether applied underwater as a repair, re-coat, or as a contamination control technique for decommissioning activities.

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Fossil Plant Decommissioning Services

Power Generation Utilities throughout the nation have continued to schedule aging fossil plants for formal decommissioning. Over the years UCC has continued to lead in supporting both utilities and general contractors in decommissioning sites including [...]

Inspecting the USS Milwaukee (LCS 5)

In November of 2015 Underwater Construction Corporation (UCC) was contracted to perform subsurface inspections on the recently commissioned U.S. Navy’s USS Milwaukee. “It was suiting for UCC to perform the scheduled inspection when the [...]

Fish Barrier Net Project

Underwater Construction Corporation (UCC) completed the installation of a fish barrier net for a large hydroelectric facility located in Missouri. This net was located upstream from the dam and enclosed the powerhouse to restrict the aquatic [...]