Underwater Construction Corporation (UCC) generously donated it’s vessels and crew in support of the 75th annual sailing of the Queen’s Cup sailboat race from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Ludington, Michigan on June 28th. The event is sponsored by the South Shore Yacht Club and is an annual, overnight sprint across Lake Michigan. The race draws more than 200 boats with crews of more than 1,400 people and is one of yachting’s most renowned offshore competitions.

UCC was proud to be a part of the race and lend its services and a few of our vessels which included the Net Tender (shuttle boat) and the UCC Jackup Barge. The Jackup Barge is a unique vessel that can maneuver the waters of Lake Michigan then set a fixed position by lowering its 3 jacks down to the lake bottom. Once on firm bottom the barge has the ability of being able to lift itself off the water’s surface there by providing a stable platform. This unique vessel feature prevents the members of the barge from feeling the pitch and roll of the waves thereby affording a safe and efficient work environment. The Jackup Barge served as a hub for the race time keepers to monitor the race day and night while fully being supported by the UCC crew.

From the deck of the UCC Jackup Barge the “Jasper”