Over the past 46 years of operations specialized commercial diving and marine construction services is nothing new to Underwater Construction Corporation. Multiple industries continue to turn to UCC when difficult tasks develop. Recently, UCC completed another challenging project which utilized the company’s excellence in innovation, project planning, equipment, procedures and most importantly – safety.

Circulating Intake InsetDuring the summer of 2015 UCC completed a long tunnel inspection utilizing remote operated vehicles (ROV) and a dive team during a scheduled inspection at a Midwest power plant. Comprehensive condition assessments and other preventative maintenance task items were performed. Upon real time inspection video footage including review of cross sectional sonar measurements a significant amount of debris was located within the 96” intake pipeline system. Immediately following the inspection results UCC began project planning, budgetary development and dive profiles to mobilize a deep water dive team and began the debris removal process.

Circulating Intake Inset 2The intake system composed of a 140’ vertical riser from ground level to the 90 degree elbow of the pipeline. From there the pipeline extended 3500’ to the surface water intake structure. Deep water dive specialists include safety oversight accompanied the dive team to proceduralize the diving activities and profiles. The scope of work outlined multiple divers to remove accumulated debris from the internal pipeline from the elbow working their way to the surface water intake. Approximately 500 cubic yards of debris was removed via diver assisted dredging operations through a multitude of custom dredge pumps to the processing area over ½ miles away.  Out of 346 total dives performed, 131 deep water recompression dives were completed to remove the accumulated debris.

Zero equipment failures and zero safety incidents resulted on the project making a difficult complex project another UCC success.