Preventative maintenance and component replacement is routinely completed for many industries requiring water resources. From the power generation industry to the food processing industry, valves, pumps and associated equipment are inspected, installed, adjusted and replaced. Over the years, a very talented and hardworking group known as Diver Mechanics – has completed this common but critical service.

Dirty, heavy, under or on the water. Warm conditions, cold conditions and often in little to no visibility, UCC’s Diver Mechanics continue to support all aspects of marine services and complain very little! These special group of Divers perform a vital role for many customers who either cannot dewater the systems or who want to save significant dewatering costs. 

As water resource components age, necessary pump replacement or rebuilds are scheduled to be performed. Valves, gates, bulkheads and/or stop logs first should be assessed to prepare the systems for pump removal or other component isolations.

Over the past six months, a team of UCC’s Wisconsin Office Diver Mechanics has been performing this service for a major power generation public utility in the Northern Midwest. Working on one generating unit at a time, UCC’s team started by removing 50- year -old pumps to ship out for refurbishment. It was planned to remove and replace the existing isolation valves in conjunction with the pumps. Once the pumps were returned from refurbishment, the Diver Mechanics re-installed and moved on to the next unit.

UCC’s senior leadership wanted to continue to express their gratitude and appreciation for this hard working group of divers throughout the U.S. and abroad. 

“It’s no doubt that our competitive edge is our dedicated people,” commented Michael Pellini, UCC Co-Chairman, when asked his thoughts on the Diver Mechanic’s day-to-day job. “Forty years ago, I was a young diver completing very similar work scopes as we do today, so I can appreciate the hard work it takes to safely and successfully complete the job that continually exceeds our customer’s expectations.”