Diving at various sites, on different components and in fluctuating weather conditions is nothing new to the commercial inland diving industry. You never know what challenges will arise or the interesting places you’ll visit. As the largest diving company in the US UCC continues to provide diving services around the globe from nuclear reactor cavities to cheese processing plants. However, diving in downtown Milwaukee resulted in an enjoyable atmosphere to literally take a coffee break.

HistoricalRecently UCC was contracted to provide an underwater condition assessment for the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District (MMSD). A team of local divers from the Milwaukee office had a short mobilization downtown to complete a condition assessment at the historic Flushing Station off of N. Lincoln Memorial Drive. Access to the inspection location was though a hatch located inside the building. Currently the building is occupied by a gourmet coffee shop, which remained open for business during the inspection.

The Flushing Station was built in 1888 and at the time housed the largest water pump in the world. “The Milwaukee River Flushing Station was built to solve a health hazard and public nuisance by flushing sewage from the stagnant and foul smelling Milwaukee River into Lake Michigan.” The Flushing Station pumped up to 500 gallons per day of water from Lake Michigan though a 12 foot tunnel and discharged into the Milwaukee River.

It is always a pleasure working with the City of Milwaukee and being a team member on the preservation of historical infrastructure. Furthermore, this great project allowed us to leave the thermos at home.

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