UCC is pleased to announce the opening of our newest addition to our corporate Essex office campus in Connecticut; a state of the art mock-up facility designed around a deep bay water tank with overhead crane services.

Frequently UCC’s customers require underwater feasibility testing to ensure safe, cost effective, and efficient solutions in support of a future project.  Mock-ups evaluate and commission proposed designs or construction details as well as train and certify the workforce for a specific underwater project.

Mock-ups can reduce overall project costs by limiting or eliminating rework and creating efficiencies with production in the field.

UCC new facility

“Many of UCC customers require underwater mock up testing of nuclear components, which typically require a deep tank in conjunction with overhead crane services,” said Phil Mcdermott, Vice President, Global Nuclear Services.

The large open top water tank compliments UCC’s Pressurized Welding Mock up facility in the adjacent building. The mock-up facility includes a large customer viewing port as well as state-of-the-art underwater video recording capabilities, including live streaming to customers around the world

See New UCC Mock-Up and Test Facility

Before any project begins, successful commissioning and mock-up testing is required for safety, efficiency, and accuracy. The new mock-up and test facility enables customers to test and commission their underwater equipment in a new, state of the art underwater test tank. 

UCC new facility

Features of the New Testing Facility

  • 6,000 square foot testing facility 
  • 12’-6” Deep x 14’ Diameter Water Tank
  • Overhead 2 ton Crane Hoist
  • Mezzanine Level Work Area:  24’ Wide x 31” Long x 10’ High
  • Tool Air Services of 120psi @ 30 ACFM
  • Lexan View Ports
  • Live Streaming capabilities which includes underwater wide area and diver view video

How the New Facility Helps UCC & Clients

The new facility provides a firsthand experience to our customers that shows UCC’s level of professionalism and commitment to safety with our dive or remote tooling operations. 

We also want to support customers on mutual projects and record the process to achieve greater levels of success with each dive. 

In addition, the facility will be used for in-house diver certifications for such applications as underwater coating application and inspection, underwater welding, underwater plasma cutting, carbon fiber application and component fabrication. 

Questions about our new facility or want to connect on a new project? Contact UCCDive.