Philip McDermott, Director of Global Nuclear Services for Underwater Construction Corporation (UCC) announced it has been awarded a Decommissioning and Dismantlement (D&D) contract of a nuclear facilities spent fuel pool. UCC ‘s expert nuclear dive team will be cutting, packaging and removing the stainless steel liner as well as coating the concrete walls and floor with TFT Nuclear’s underwater epoxy coating, BIO-DUR 560. TFT Nuclear is a Manufacturer and Formulator of Specialty Nuclear Coatings. Its Nuclear DBA Tested BIO-DUR 560 product line is routinely chosen by nuclear facilities for its superior application in underwater environments as well as “in the dry” on concrete and steel components such as spent fuel pools or suppression chambers.

UCC is an internationally recognized commercial diving company which proves year after year to be the global leader in nuclear diving projects. UCC boasts more than 45 years of nuclear diving experience while employing more than 200 divers to service nuclear facilities in the US and in more than 14 countries.