Underwater Construction Corporation (UCC) continues to provide the best services the marine construction industry can offer. The key to achieving project success in regards to safety, budget and productivity is the quality of the equipment being utilized to perform the work. All safety related equipment is a must. However, support equipment in various roles cannot be overlooked as their failure can turn a successful project into a budgetary and scheduling disaster.

UCC Dive Vessel - The Margaret MaeIn order to remain the leader in the industry UCC is committed to providing its customers with excellent, reliable equipment. Therefore UCC is proud to announce the addition of the Margaret-Mae dive vessel. The Margaret-Mae is the second aluminum haul dive vessel built by Anderson Boat Works, Inc. of Saugatuck, Michigan to the specifications of UCC’s boat committee, customers’ needs and operating conditions. She was custom designed to operate in both the Great Lakes and river systems throughout the Midwest. This makes her quite unique in providing a safe and reliable platform to navigate both harsh sea conditions in open waters and the ability to navigate shallow water river basins allowing access to the downstream areas of Dam structures.

Her home port is in Milwaukee servicing a diverse customer base throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The Margaret-Mae is able to be transported easily and launched at a wide array of sites in various ways. This versatility ultimately saves time and money for our customers.
Many components factor into successful projects. To expand on excellence in safety, experience, budget and scheduling, equipment cannot be overlooked; therefore UCC continues to invest in the best for our customers and employees.