IHI Southwest TechnologiesUnderwater Construction Corporation (UCC) joins IHI Southwest Technologies, Inc. (IHISWT) in support of their turnkey solutions in the nuclear industry. This alliance combines both companies’ core competencies to create the industry’s best knowledge base: experienced engineering personnel and NDE technology unified with the global leader in nuclear diving services.

For over 50 years, UCC has grown to become the leading global provider of nuclear diving services for commercial and government facilities. UCC’s 230+ member dive teams deliver on decades’ worth of nuclear experience along with a myriad of safe, economical, and efficient underwater services. UCC is also one of the largest domestic providers of general commercial diving service, for non-nuclear projects, to the power, commercial and governmental sectors.

IHISWT provides quality NDE and engineering services to the power, petroleum, chemical, and wind industries around the world. All of IHISWT’s NDE examiners are trained, qualified, and certified in the appropriate methods and on the applicable equipment in accordance with IHI procedures and client specific guidelines. In addition to the NDE Services, IHI provides NDE training, inspection planning, CNC machining, nuclear decontamination, precision cutting and industrial cleaning solutions.

“UCC is proud to join IHISWT’s strategic alliance along with current members UK’s Barrnon and South Korea’s SAE-AN Engineering Corp. We are convinced our combined nuclear capabilities and strengths will deliver a safe, technically advanced and economical option for our mutual and future customers,” says Philip McDermott, UCC’s Global Nuclear Services Director.

UCC and IHISWT meet on common ground when it comes to turnkey solutions for customer needs. UCC’s 10CFR 50 Appendix B Quality Program , coupled with experienced nuclear divers and NACE CIP II Inspectors will enable IHISWT to deliver economies of scale to their customers, whether it be full service solutions for condensate storage tanks or certified coating inspections within containment.