Complete Carbon Fiber Wrapping Solution for Structural Repair & Reinforcement

Repair & Reinforce It To Be Better Than New

Around the world, carbon fiber reinforcement has become the new standard for strengthening structures. For one, with the right carbon fiber polymer applied, your structures can become 10 times stronger than steel. Second, installation requires much less time and third, cost to install is but a fraction compared to traditionally adding more cement and steel reinforcement.

Carbon fiber solutions include reinforcement, wraps, sheets, and other composite materials designed to strengthen columns, beams, slabs, and other important structural elements. In addition, it lasts longer and offers a non-invasive way to reinforce without changing the look or exterior features of the structure.

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Benefits of Carbon Fiber Wrapping

  • Costs less than traditional methods
  • Fast and easy installation with minimal access needed
  •  Last 30 – 50 years depending on the environment it’s put into and could last longer in perfect conditions.
  • 10 times stronger than steel
  • Resilient to corrosion 
  • Little to no weight added to structure
  • Non-invasive and won’t change your structural features
  • Can be coated and painted for added UV protection

Carbon fiber is known for its engineered strength and ability to prevent progressive collapse. The carbon wrap reinforcement system adds hardness, strength, and resilience while maintaining its lightweight footprint. You won’t add any mass or change the size of your structure more than an ¼” of an inch. It’s that powerful and easy.

Choose CFRP Installation Experts

We started working with carbon fiber for underwater columns, using the wrap to reinforce cement columns on bridge piles that had deteriorated in the Tidal Zone.. Through this experience, we saw that carbon fiber had vast capabilities for other infrastructure applications such as rebuilding, rehab, reinforcement, and new construction.

Installation requires expertise and efficiency, which is why we work with top polymer manufacturers like DowAksa to create the best carbon fiber reinforcement product on the market. With this carbon fiber reinforced polymer system, you can rebuild a structure that’s up to 10 times stronger than steel and ensures that your structure will last up to 30 years or more.

What Projects Work with Carbon Fiber

We have yet to find any structures that can’t benefit from carbon fiber. For many years, we offered commercial diving support to help with reinforcement. However, we realized that traditional reinforcement methods with fiberglass, cement and steel always required more preparation and heavy equipment ..,with yearly maintenance

Carbon fiber solutions work best for projects subject to progressive collapse and corrosion, including:

  • Slabs
  • Piers
  • Timber Piles
  • Docks
  • Dams
  • Bridges
  • Beams
  • Commercial piping
  • Shaft foundations
  • Pile foundations
  • Seawalls 
  • Cement columns 
  • Pen Stocks
  • Water Intake and Discharge Systems

We offer turn-key wrapping service with carbon fiber to ensure that your project is 100% fortified and ready to face the elements. From inspection, planning, setup, and installation we’re there every step of the way for our customers.

Carbon fiber reinforcement requires very little maintenance, but there are always new polymers and composite materials that have higher tensile strength and resilience. We want to use the very best for our clients, which is why we’ve partnered with DowAksa. 

Why Pick UCC Carbon Fiber Wrap Solutions?

From bridges to piers to railroads to building columns, UCC uses the most cost-effective and innovative carbon wrap solution for reinforcement. By combining our underwater and specialty construction installation experience with DowAksa CarbonWrap system technology, we make it easy to restore any infrastructure. 

Not only will your infrastructure last longer, you’ll feel better knowing you’re using a high-tech solution.. 

Ready to take your construction company to the next level? It’s time to upgrade to carbon fiber and stay ahead of the industry. We can help you with a full-service installation and custom carbon fiber solution. 

Carbon Fiber Wrap Solutions - Informational Fact Sheet