Drinking Water Reservoir Rehabilitation

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer The facility is a water reservoir built in the 1920s. Recently leaks and spalling of concrete have been observed. Composite Construction, LLC of Tucson, Arizona and its partner, Connecticut's Underwater Construction Corporation provided a solution using its propriety carbon fiber reinforced polymer concrete. This propriety system [...]

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NASA Coating Project

Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory Training Facility for NASA in Houston TX Completed surface preparation and coating application of approximately 26,000 sqft. area 4 walls and 12 pits in floor. Time to complete approximately 14 months. Completing the project without any disruption to astronaut training, or other scheduled activities going on inside [...]

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Leak Inspection & Repair

Barge Hull Underwater Coating Application to Seal hull leaks (Ship Husbandry Project – applicable to Ship Husbandry) On June 24, 1998, divers from Underwater Construction Contractors performed an underwater video and ultrasonic thickness inspection of a water intake barge located on Florida’s Hiwassee River. The ultrasonic inspection of the hull revealed [...]

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Power Plant Intake Underwater Structure Repair

UCC performed an inspection on the raw water intake structures of a power generation facility. Findings revealed that 75% of the structure cap and support members underneath the cap had collapsed over the winter. While final repair drawings were being developed UCC performed emergent repairs starting with the removal of [...]

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Midwest Nuclear Station Water Intake Structure Repair

In the spring of 2013 Underwater Construction Corporation (UCC) worked with a Midwest nuclear station to develop a repair plan for the sites raw water intake structure. In July 2013 the formal award was given whereby the mobilization of UCC’s crew and work vessel the “Salvor” began. The intake crib [...]

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