Marine Infrastructure Upgrades – Mid-Atlantic Region, USA

50 YEARS OF ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT Fifty years of harsh marine environmental impact required the rehabilitation of the bridge pier steel casings.  Previous marine infrastructure repairs such as fiberglass jackets filled with no shrink grout or a combination of steel jackets with grout and reinforcing steel did not stand the test [...]

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Dam Stilling Basin Repair

In November 2020, Underwater Construction Corporation (UCC) was contracted by a hydroelectric utility to conduct repairs to a dam’s stilling basin.  Previous inspections had identified areas of spalling and exposed concrete reinforcement.  Additionally, a section of baffle blocks had become dislodged and swept downstream during a high-water event.   To [...]

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Air Diving Experience

Hydroelectric Facility   Work Scope – Head Gate Rail and Cable Tray Service    Drilling and Anchor Installations    Rock and Other Debris Removal   Air Surface Supplied Diving   Depth – 167 Feet   Number of Dives – 250   Unique Variables   Specialized Navy Dive Table and Schedule due to 2400 Feet Altitude   Surface Decompression in [...]

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Drinking Water Reservoir Rehabilitation

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer The facility is a water reservoir built in the 1920s. Recently leaks and spalling of concrete have been observed. Composite Construction, LLC of Tucson, Arizona and its partner, Connecticut's Underwater Construction Corporation provided a solution using its propriety carbon fiber reinforced polymer concrete. This propriety system [...]

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NASA Coating Project

Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory Training Facility for NASA in Houston TX Completed surface preparation and coating application of approximately 26,000 sqft. area 4 walls and 12 pits in floor. Time to complete approximately 14 months. Completing the project without any disruption to astronaut training, or other scheduled activities going on inside [...]

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