Intake---Housing-Header-Evoqua-no-wt-Black-Logo-2Evoqua Water Technologies and Underwater Construction Corporation (UCC) have teamed up. These two powerhouses are now set to deliver expert underwater service to the water power industry. This unprecedented alliance combines the intake innovation of Evoqua with the elite diving capabilities of UCC to form an unparalleled service offering.

Evoqua’s innovative technology has served the industry for 143 years with their intake screening equipment leading the market while designing their equipment to exceptional standards. With over 10,000 installations worldwide, their presence is unmatched. Evoqua’s intake systems have defined the industry standard for equipment quality, cost-of-ownership, and clean, usable water.

UCC employs more than 200 of the world’s most experienced inland divers. They have the expertise, resources, and flexibility to perform large turnkey projects and support facilities with emergent needs. UCC also provides high-quality, cost-effective commercial diving services that are consistent with their commitment to the safety of their employees and those of their customers. With over 50 years of experience in the commercial diving industry, UCC has marked themselves as an industry leader.

For the consumer, all the parts and services you need will now come from one cohesive team, working in unison. With Evoqua often having the original specs, you will save time and money on redesign, while UCC installs, repairs, or refurbishes your system within a single coordinated effort. Whether you run a nuclear power plant, a coal-fired plant or any facility that uses large volumes of raw water, this new alliance can solve any of your intake requirements.


Philip McDermott, UCC’s Northeast Regional Manager and Director, Global Nuclear Services states: “We are excited about our Evoqua – UCC alliance since it will result in economies of scale for our mutual customers through operational efficiencies and synergies.”