Sea Brex Marine, Inc. was owned and operated by Al Sebrechts for nearly 50 years. Originally started in Traverse City, Michigan in 1968, Mr. Sebrechts eventually moved his operations to Stevensville, Michigan. Sea Brex Marine at one time completed the majority of inland commercial diving services throughout Michigan and Indiana and furthermore, Sea Brex crews started servicing multiple power generation sites in Louisiana. Large clients and return customers were the livelihood of Sea Brex Marine. From fleet wide diving services for large industry sites to radiological dives Al Sebrechts was known for getting the job done. Al completed all tasks running his company including bidding projects, planning, dive supervisor and diver.  It was a lifelong commitment to his company.

With his 70th birthday around the corner Al started discussions with UCC on acquiring Sea Brex Marine and servicing his lifelong customers. In January of 2015 the acquisition was completed. Al remained with UCC for the remainder of the year as a vital asset while transitioning his customers and projects. Al’s career experience in the industry continues to be an asset to UCC and remains a valued consultant.