Many power utility plants, industrial processing facilities and water utilities are turning to the Wedge Wire Intake Structure as a primary component for raw water intakes. The T-intakes and half intakes are simple yet robust structures and are being installed in many bodies of water throughout the U.S.

Since first arrival, UCC has been the leader in installation, maintenance, repairs and upgrades of Wedge Wire Screens for various customers that require raw water for cooling, processing or consumption. In recent years, to meet the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 316B ruling, many sites are upgrading or retrofitting existing raw water intake systems with Wedge Wire Intake Screens.

As with all sub-structures, routine preventive maintenance (PM) and inspections are necessary following installation. As a valued team member, UCC assists with developing annual or biannual inspections and maintenance programs for each customer. UCC’s extensive background knowledge and experience saves unnecessary and unforeseen costs. From project planning to post-project final deliverables, UCC provides a turnkey service that is safe, productive and exceeds expectations.

In the summer of 2020, UCC completed another successful T-screen installation at a major power generation plant on the Great Lakes. To increase water capacity, it was determined that the existing Wedge Wire T-screens needed to be removed and replaced with larger diameter screens. UCC provided turnkey services including project planning, budgeting, removal, installation, testing and disposal of the old screens. The result – complete project success, including zero safety incidents, all performance goals achieved and the project schedule and budgets met.