Marine Infrastructure Upgrades – Mid-Atlantic Region, USA

bridge infrastructure upgrade

Project Description


Fifty years of harsh marine environmental impact required the rehabilitation of the bridge pier steel casings.  Previous marine infrastructure repairs such as fiberglass jackets filled with no shrink grout or a combination of steel jackets with grout and reinforcing steel did not stand the test of time, in some cases less than five years.

Awarded a contract to rehabilitate this and three other owner-operated bridges, Underwater Construction Corporation’s commercial diving services offered an innovative approach; Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP).  Philip McDermott, Underwater Construction Corporation’s Vice President – Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions, stated, “These bridges were perfect candidates for our CFRP solution, both below the water’s surface and above.  The high strength and corrosion-resistant product adds minimal weight to the existing structure, resulting in a low total cost with a better Return on Investment (ROI).”


Before photos show the destructive effects of the marine environment; corroded steel casings, deteriorated protective coatings, and failing fiberglass jackets.









Epoxy impregnated carbon fiber fabric will restore deteriorated and spalling concrete and corroded steel while restoring load capacity.

The strength-to-weight ratio of CFRP exceeds fifty times that of steel alone, allowing these structures to be stronger and last longer at a fraction of the cost and time of conventional materials and techniques such as fiberglass filled concrete forms.

Project Details

Primary Contractor – Turnkey Service Provider
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