NASA Coating Project

Project Type
NASA Project

Project Description

Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory Training Facility for NASA in Houston TX

Completed surface preparation and coating application of approximately 26,000 sqft. area 4 walls and 12 pits in floor. Time to complete approximately 14 months. Completing the project without any disruption to astronaut training, or other scheduled activities going on inside the pool going on simultaneously.

Project Equipment

  • 5k pressure washer with zero rotating tip
  • 10″” coating application paddles
  • 3″” coating application paddles for lettering
  • dual component application tools for mixing coating
  • 10′ wide 40′ high stainless steel ladder to work from
  • 2 stainless steel Kirby Morgan 37 dive helmets
  • 2 umbilicals
  • 1 hp manifold
  • 2 dive radios
  • over 750 gallons of Bio-Dur 560

Project Details

Houston, TX

Sub Contractor
Skills Needed

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