Safety Related BWR Steam Dryer/Separator Inspection & Repair

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Reactor Internal– Various failures and Modifications

Underwater Welding and Cutting on Safety related Stainless Steel Components (Nuclear Power Project)

UCC completed their first Steam Dryer repair in 1983.  Since then UCC has made various repairs or modifications to BWR Steam Dryer.  To date, UCC has performed more than 30 different projects on Steam Dryers all over the world.  These repairs range from repair of cracked welds on bolts and drain channels to a complete volume reduction and disposal project using underwater plasma arc cutting.

A related unique project involved separator support leg modification.  The OEM removed the existing separator support leg with underwater EDM.  UCC welded the new Separator legs in place.  These legs were welded on the lower most part of the Separator where the on-contact dose was approximately 5 to 10 Rem depending on the survey point.