Water Utility Concrete Restoration

Project Type
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Project Description

Water Intake & Processing Facility with Structural Deterioration

Underwater Concrete and Grout Placement (Water Utility – applicable to any industry with concrete water retaining structure)

UCC recently performed a complicated repair project at facility serving over three million people consuming one billion gallons of water per day.  After years of immersion, the plant infrastructure was exhibiting signs of aging.  Making the needed repairs required the careful selection of materials and the development of specialized underwater repair techniques. In addition, it was crucial that the repair not in any way adversely affect operation of the plant or water quality.  Finally, the work would take place at water temperatures near freezing.

The Timeline

Early January 2006 — Working closely with the Owner and the Owner’s Engineers, UCC researched various cementitious and epoxy products that would yield good curing results in 34ºF water and still meet the water plant’s demanding performance and schedule requirements.

February 28, 2006 — Underwater mock-up testing was completed by UCC Divers in the St. Joseph River in Michigan.  Four promising samples were sent for compression testing.  One product stood out and was approved for cold potable water application.

April 21, 2006 — Underwater Construction Corporation began work to repair 12 leaking expansion joints that existed between the head house and filter building.  Repair required that divers drill more than 1,000 holes and place material over approximately 500 linear feet of joint.