Dam Log Boom and Fish Barrier Net Replacement

In the summer of 2011 the UCC Midwest Division completed a turnkey project for a hydroelectric facility in Wisconsin. The project work scope included the removal and replacement of the facility’s existing log boom and fish barrier net and installing a new 280 foot system designed to incorporate the barrier [...]

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Water Utility Concrete Restoration

Water Intake & Processing Facility with Structural Deterioration Underwater Concrete and Grout Placement (Water Utility – applicable to any industry with concrete water retaining structure) UCC recently performed a complicated repair project at facility serving over three million people consuming one billion gallons of water per day.  After years of immersion, [...]

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Dam Spillway Gate Sill Plate Replacement

An underwater inspection was performed determining that a sill plate was deteriorated beyond repair and then confirmed by engineering review. Using hydraulic underwater cutting equipment the old sill plate and concrete was carefully removed. Concrete forms were fabricated and installed underwater allowing UCC to place new concrete. Installation consisted of [...]

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Dam Spillway Apron Repair

Underwater inspections determined that 19 of 24 spillway block sections were subjected to years of erosion. UCC provided skilled divers and specialized underwater tooling to remove the damaged concrete. The substandard rebar was removed using an exothermic cutting torch and new rebar matting was installed as required by engineering specification. [...]

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